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When you have a hospital, surgical center or medical clinic, the welfare and treatment of your patients relies on the ongoing management and upkeep of your medical equipment. With a variety of equipment from different manufacturers this is too daunting, costly, and time-consuming for you to manage in-house. With Sodexo Clinical Technology Management (SCTM) all that changes. All you have to do is call and a technical specialist from our Quick Response Team will come out and make sure your critical medical equipment is performing at peak efficiency — so you can continue delivering exceptional care to your patients.

A brief overview of what you can expect from Sodexo Clinical Technology Management (SCTM)

Quick Turnaround for all your service needs
Single Source for your equipment management and maintenance
Night and Weekend coverage can be available to you
Fully Insured as required by law

Our services are easily adaptable to your specific needs for compliance with regulatory groups such as:

  • OSHA
  • Insurance Companies
  • DHS

Optional Specialty Programs

If your facility requires specialized services, Sodexo Clinical Technology Management / Sodexo Healthcare provides customized programs to accommodate your specific needs. Depending of the requirements of the task, SCTM provides either a certified or experienced technician who specializes in servicing that particular type of equipment. With our network of parts affiliates and inventory stock, you can expect a quick turnaround and quality workmanship.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Surgical Specialty
    • Surgical microscopes
    • Lasers
    • PhacoEmulsifiers
  • General Biomedical Equipment
    • Surgical
    • Physical therapy
    • linical settings
  • Sterilizer Specialty
    • Sterilizers
    • Scope washers
    • Warming Cabinets
    • Tables
    • Lights
  • Anesthesia Specialty
    • Anesthesia machines
    • Ventilators
    • CO2 Monitors
    • Trace gas testing
  • Radiology Specialty
    • Rad rooms
    • R/F rooms
    • CT
    • Portables
  • Ultrasound Specialty
    • Diagnostic ultrasound
    • Probes
    • Peripherals
  • Respiratory Specialty
    • Portable ventilators
    • Intensive Care ventilators
    • Respirators
    • Compressors
The quality of care and treatment of your patients is maintained when Sodexo Clinical Technology Management / Sodexo Healthcare is in charge of managing and servicing your important medical equipment.

With our taking care of your equipment, you can spend more time taking care of your patients.

To learn more of how we can assist you, call us toll-free at (800) 559-4467 or use this form to request more information.

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